Break Free



Hi, I’m Suzanne.

I’m a life coach and inclusive, weight neutral personal trainer. Utilizing empowering energy coaching and/or fitness training, I’ll help you free yourself from unhealthy obsession over your weight and diet so you can return home to your body in strength and confidence and be your most impactful self in the world.
Portrait of Suzanne with feather and seaweed in her hair

What is your HEART seeking?

You have a calling in your heart even if you can’t define it just yet.

And if you’ve been trapped in cycles of dieting and over-exercising, obsessing over your weight and shape, and trying to squeeze yourself into a ridiculously restrictive body ideal, you’re most likely feeling depleted and exhausted from the battle against your own body.

On top of that, the fitness and “wellness” industries are elitist and unwelcoming – if you’re not white, cis, straight, able-bodied, and smaller-bodied (or lean and muscular), you’re told both overtly and subtly that your body is wrong and you need to do whatever it takes to change it.

You know the size of your body has nothing to do with true strength, health and fitness. You also know that you’ve wasted years of your precious life in body and diet shame.

Break free and thrive

  • Do you long to pursue your true passions and calling in life without the energy-depleting pursuit of a smaller and smaller body?
  • Do you want to tap into your inner truth, experience your higher self, and find deep, authentic joy as you tune into your divine subtle energy within?
  • Do you want to achieve true strength and fitness while developing a healing connection to your body and movement?

When you make the decision to finally break free from the multitude of stifling cultural pressures to pursue what you truly value and desire in your one precious life, it’s a joyous (albeit sometimes scary or confusing) liberation that has positive ripple effects in just about every facet of your life.

Are you ready to break free and thrive?!

Your call to adventure

Every hero’s journey begins with the call to adventure.

Myth, archetypes, inspiring stories, and the hero’s journey encourage us to break free from what’s been holding us down and reframe the challenges, hurts, and so-called failures of our own life as hero’s journeys.

In coaching with me, we’ll use guided meditations, archetypes, breath work, somatic practices, and empowering metaphors to gain insight into your thinking patterns and reshape your behaviors to achieve true freedom and live joyfully, with purpose.

In fitness training with me, you’ll actually enjoy training, exercise, or just simple movement again. You’ll reconnect with your body and achieve the fitness goals that you set for yourself.

Breaking free from diet culture and toxic fitness culture takes some work, as fatphobia and ideas around fitness and health have, until very recently, gone largely unchallenged. But there are heroes among us who are breaking down barriers and calling the diet and fitness industries to task.

Answer the call to adventure and set yourself free! I’d be honored to be your guide in your quest.

Are we a match?

I offer a complimentary consultation for us to get to know each other a bit and determine if coaching and/or training with me is right for you. I only work with people who are 100% sure that the commitment is right for them (which means, this is NOT a sales call.) Let’s talk about all that’s possible for you!

Portraits of Suzanne by Lena Gardelli