Training for

EVERY body

Show up as you are.

I’m a trainer and coach for every body, so there truly are no judgements here. (A certain purple-colored gym has claimed the “judgment free zone” so I like to describe my training sessions as the Awesome Zone!)

I’ll help you move better, perform better, and feel great

I want you to enjoy training, exercise, or just simple movement if that’s where you’re at right now. Regardless of your size, weight, age, gender, or ability, my goal is to help you reconnect with your body, improve your movement, increase strength, and reduce pain.

Get stronger and more resilient

Conventional gyms and personal trainers have historically not been very inclusive, welcoming, or accessible to everyone. I want you to show up in the body you have and train for true fitness and strength, not some ridiculous ideal. Functional (and fun!) training with me will build your strength and resilience and get – or keep – your body moving the way it was intended to move.

And I promise – I will never, ever utter such words as, “fat torching” or “getting bikini ready” or “your mommy pooch” (ugh) because gyms and trainers that use such language are:

  1. assuming you don’t like your body (as well as reinforcing restrictive gender norms);
  2. telling you your body is wrong;
  3. telling you to squeeze your body into a narrow ideal (by spending your money on their unwelcoming facility or programs)

I’ve been through the tortuous hell of diet culture, eating disorders, and twisted body ideals. I promise I will never, ever talk about diets and training for the sole purpose of shrinking your body. All bodies are good bodies.

Train your body as an ally, not an adversary

I want you want to get stronger, fitter, and healthier without crushing yourself in an attempt to fit into a size or body shape that will just never work for you.

If you’ve become disconnected from your body (as well as your innate wisdom and intuition as a result of a tortured relationship with your own body and psyche) then you no-doubt will have to un-do a lot of negative thinking and harmful behaviors and replace them with healthy, affirming practices while getting back into your body and training in a joyful, positive, energizing way. 

I’d love to be your partner in that journey!

I’ve designed training & coaching packages that commit us both to your long term success and growth. Personal Training/Coaching is a relationship. This isn’t just about “weights and cardio” plus nutrition. These programs are designed to be a transformative experience.

Are you in?!

Today is your day

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