Hi, I’m Suzanne.

I’m glad you’re here 🙂

I’m a certified life coach (Coaching Institute) and an inclusive, weight–neutral personal trainer (ACE, Size Inclusive Training Academy). I’m also certified in PNF/assisted stretching (StretchLab). I’m currently expanding my coaching skills with energy coaching and healing (also with the Coaching Institute). Most importantly, I’m a fully-certified Human who is continuing to learn and grow and wants to walk the earth with good, kind, and like-minded peeps!

The call to adventure

I love a good adventure story. As a young child in the seventies, Star Wars was my favorite movie. (Still is. Try not to judge.) Star Wars followed the formula of the monomyth or hero’s journey as described by Joseph Campbell in his work, “The Hero With a Thousand Faces.”

I love seeing the everyday Joe or Jane launching out of their ordinary reality into an adventure; overcoming obstacles, conquering seemingly insurmountable challenges, defeating the most hideous and frightening monsters, and returning home triumphant.

When I look at my own ordinary life and the many challenges I’ve overcome, they didn’t seem like much of an adventure at all and sure as heck didn’t involve any glory.

If I imagine the movie for my hero’s journey, it starts with a starving kid, sitting alone in a depressing cave (anorexia), some food (other eating disorders), some alcohol (that was Dad), sports (what probably saved me), and an ocean (my spiritual place). If someone bought the rights, it would end up a low-budget PBS special or something. Hardly the epic I would have wanted for myself.

Archetypes and the Wounded Healer

The movie would eventually reveal an archetype: the Wounded Healer. Chiron, the wounded healer from Greek mythology, received a sacred wound that led him to pursue the healing arts to heal himself but also to heal others. I view the negative experiences of childhood that led me to eating disorders and depression as my sacred wound, as I’ve dedicated most of my life to a quest for healing.

This is my own hero’s journey. I was drawn to coaching because I love, in a sense, the *adventure* of coaching – the healing experience of walking with another human through their challenges and obstacles and guiding them as they overcome, grow, learn, and become able to accomplish almost anything!

So, while my hero’s journey didn’t involve actual mountains, rivers, beasts, battles and a magical cave with a dragon guarding the elixir, I did metaphorically climb the mountains and cross the oceans. I stepped into unknowns, stood in the darkness and went deep inside the shadow of myself. I entered the caves I feared the most and returned with elixirs that healed my Soul.

So, yeah – I suppose it was pretty epic.

Your life is a hero’s journey

Every time you go deep into the cave and take on what scares you (or face the darkest, shadowy parts of your self) a rebirth happens. Your old way of being and perhaps even your old life burns to the ground and from the ashes, you rise a phoenix.

What can you reframe as your epic challenges and triumphs? And what heroic adventure awaits you today?!

Finding The Elixir

For the record, I do not claim to have possession of “The” elixir. I discovered my own elixirs. Of course, there are many to be discovered or practiced and energy coaching offers a whole array of techniques, strategies, and practices that will ground you, guide you, and expand your your spiritual practice (or help you begin one).

As your coach, I am your guide and companion on your quest for your elixirs. (Have I exhausted that metaphor yet?)

I’ve chosen to ascribe a higher meaning and purpose to the suffering I endured and to use the learning and growth I’ve experienced – and continue to experience – to help others break free and live life with more joy, authenticity, and purpose.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a fan of metaphor, archetypes, storytelling, and transformation. Viewing our stories through an empowering lens, we write the next chapter ourselves.

In coaching with me, we’ll transform beliefs, issues, and energy with healing metaphors. We’ll go on guided meditation journeys, reconnect with your Higher Self, find healthy resources to help you on your way, and use all of the rich resources you already have inside you to move you into your next chapter, your next rebirth.

Transforming fate into destiny – it’s pretty epic. Will you answer your call to your adventure today?

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